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asthijivak oil and paste

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Ayurveda has been perceived as the conventional ponder in human therapeutic framework. The all-encompassing methodology in the field of pharmaceutical emphasizes more on prevention than the cure. It is known for treating living creatures both physically and mentally, in this way helps in enhancing the overall quality of life. Ayurveda has developed and evolved over the time and is presently being used for treating different chronic diseases. Ayurveda medicines are for the most part derived from plants, herbs, blooms, organic products, and so on, keeping everything near the nature. These pharmaceuticals are the most nutritive and the most secure therapeutic treatment accessible for the users. It aids in reducing inflammation and pain and increases blood circulation to revive the structure.

ASTHIJIVAK- The Wonder for You

Paramount ayurvedacharyas from 175 years ago has brought Asti Jivak into practice. It is known to be the wondrous ayurvedic cure for muscular and joint pains, especially the knee pain which is the most prevalent problem nowadays among the people. The miraculous invention was very popular in early days among the soldiers and commoners that even British people started utilizing and benefitting the same. However the making was known to very less people and was not so common. Later the ayurvedic medicine was passed on to the generations of Vaidhya Sharma and after the distribution of its formalization it has now become the household treatment for all the joint pains.


Asthijivak is the magical cure for muscular and joint pains which is prepared with the variety of herbs. It is the old age medicine in the form of oil and paste, invented by Sri Ram Sharma (the follower of Ayurveda) taking care of the various disorders related to joints and muscles. The result produced is safe and secure adopted by people of different strata taking numerous benefits. It heals the muscles completely and gives a relief to the pain. It is the best homemade Ayurveda remedy that has the power to uproot the disorder completely.

This remedy enhances the lubrication in your joints and helps in improving its movement. It has become the assured and trustworthy partner for many, those who have left the hope even to walk properly, those who were tired of taking pain killers and other medicines and those who have spent lacs in treatments of joint pains. With all its remarkable qualities of treatment, it is included among the best herbal pharmaceuticals with no side effects and is safe and secure to be used for all joint pains